Person achieving goal of winning marathon

Tips for Setting and Meeting Fitness and Nutrition Goals

So, you’ve made a new resolution to reinvent your eating habits. Whatever the motivation, whether it was looking at yourself in the mirror for the first time in a while, or an off-handed comment from your spouse, it put you into action. Now you’re revved and ready to go — for the 100th time. And […]

Running types

All You Wanted to Know About the Various Types of Running

Road running is basically a sport where participants need to run on a calculated course over a conventional road. Such races usually vary from 5 kilometers to longer distances. They usually involve a large numbers of runners, including wheelchair entrants. Racers have to brave hardships like hills, uneven surfaces, changing weather, and rough edges. Fitness […]

Running at night

Six Ways to Stay Safe While Running in the Dark

Once the sun goes down, running along streets or out in the trails becomes dangerous to say the least. Not only can you not see well, but, and almost more importantly, those coming at you, most specifically fast moving automobiles, can’t identify you either. With this in mind, those of us who have to squeeze […]

Trail running

Trail Running: How to Find the Right Trail for You

You’re ready to get off the road, and you’ve had enough of fighting traffic, loose dogs and your knees are begging for some relief. Trail running will let you get the most out of your run and out of yourself. When you’re on the trail, you’re out in nature and in a place where motivation […]

Foods to eat

The Worst Foods to Eat Before Running

Runners often spend hundreds of dollars on running gear to ensure that they’re in the best possible shape out on the road. Shoes, inserts, socks, shorts, shirts, heart rate monitors — it’s actually impressive how much deliberate planning can sometimes go into a run before you even step out your front door. However, not all […]