Running types

All You Wanted to Know About the Various Types of Running

Road running is basically a sport where participants need to run on a calculated course over a conventional road. Such races usually vary from 5 kilometers to longer distances.

They usually involve a large numbers of runners, including wheelchair entrants. Racers have to brave hardships like hills, uneven surfaces, changing weather, and rough edges.

Fitness is necessary to fight all the challenges. The body must be trained enough to utilize oxygen properly and build up energy.

Types Of Running

There can be various kinds of road running races. A few of them are mentioned below.

Ultra Running

Any road running race that covers a distance more than a marathon is known as ultra running. The event is called an ultra marathon. Ultra running races are measured in terms of distance (like a 300-kilometer race) or in terms of time (like who has run the most in 36 hours).

Multiday Running

Multiday running is a step ahead of ultra marathons. In a multi-day running event, the participants are required to cover as many miles as possible in the given time limit. Or they have to cover a prescribed distance in a set time limit.

Fell Running

Fell running refers to racing not on the road but over upland country. It is also called mountain running or hill running. The slope of the hill adds to the difficulty level of the race. The basic criterion for taking part in such a race is that the participant should have adequate survival instincts. Also, he or she needs to carry proper safety equipment.

Cross-Country Running

Cross country running refers to a race where the participants of one team compete with the runners from other teams to complete a course. Whoever finishes the course first is the winner. The course chosen can include mud, grass, water and other hazards. Each team consists of four to eight runners.

Trail Running

Trail running usually takes place on hiking trails. The trail can lead to hills, deserts, forests, and narrow channels. These trails are often inaccessible by roads. The participants must be ready to face rough topography and steep gradients. They must be properly equipped for hiking.

Road Running

Road running is popular among all those who like to run. This is one event where first-time runners run along with members of running clubs as well as world champions. The race timings are monitored either manually by race organizers or electronic timing devices. Road races are more often than not events that are publicized to raise funds for charity or any other issue. For example, it can be utilized to draw attention to issues like breast cancer awareness, or it can be used to raise money for cancer patients or an orphanage.